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First Post

Peace & Smile Company - what is it?

Peace & Smile Company is a collection of groups that do covers of the bands/artists from PS Company.

PS Company...?

Yes, PS Company (Phonetically Syndicalism Company). They are a record label under FREE-WILL that publishes several visual kei bands/artists. Currently signed: alice nine. (アリス九號.), the GazettE (ガゼット), Kagrra,, Kra, 雅-miyavi-, SuG, and ScReW. SuG and ScReW are signed to Indies-PSC.

What's the purpose of Peace & Smile Company?

It's mainly just for fun.
I got the idea because my friend is part of a group that does covers for Hello! Project. Their website.
I'm hoping to establish something like that~

Where did the name "Peace & Smile Company" come from?

Well, since we are covering PS Company's artists, we wanted the initials to be the same. Also, PS Company held a tour that was called "Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005."

How can I become part of one of the cover groups?

Check out the auditions post~!

Who's in charge around here?

Well, I'm the leader and creator, Miyabi. Co-leader is Chinami (avex_girl). You can add us, but please keep PSC matters out of our personal journals.

I have a question!!

Go ask it in the questions post.

Just a note, all entries besides this and the questions post will be friends locked. Please join the community~

- Leader, Miyabi
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