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If you have any questions that haven't been answered in any posts, feel free to ask them here.
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I know it is a Miyavi cover artist but, since Miyavi is along side the KAVKI BOIZ now is there positions open to fill them or is it just for the artist themselves.
We're looking for a Miyavi first, but we will have positions open for KAVKI BOIZ once that is filled~

I hope that answered your question!
I would sign up, except that I am not in US. *sighs*
Aw, sorry. =[
I has a question~ Well two.

1. Will we ever get to see you guys audition videos? :]
2. I wandered a little of Happy!Project's website and I was wondering how PSC was going to work since they started out just being a local sort of thing.
1- You will definately get to see/hear avex_girl's audition when I ask her to finally get around to making one. Since we are friends, I have heard her sing and felt that she would be good for Ruki's position. As for me, it's still up in the air ^___^;; I probably will make one eventually..

2- We'll figure out the kinks as they come up. I'm graduating this year, so I will be able to travel around to the other members. We're starting off just looking for vocalists so that we don't have to worry so much about a group of people coming together when there are performances to do. With just a vocalist, they can be on their own with an instrumental of the song and they'll be good.

I hope that helps!
Thank you much! That cleared things up :3
I'm glad~